Dependence of frequency of sexual intercourse on sexual desire!

We have bad news for you! The scientists reveal the dependence between the intensity of sexual life and its quality. If a man has a lot of sex, he can have erectile dysfunction. The researchers discover that frequent sex can reduce sexual desire in the course of time. Several couples participating in this study increased the coital frequency. As a result this behavior decreased the sexual desire of both partners involved in an experiment. The experts advise to create a proper environment that leads to the sexual desire instead of increasing its frequency so that you can do without Viagra. Buy ED tablets here –

What are the results of research?

What are the results of research?

The experiment lasted three months. It was important to make precise conclusion that is why men of different age were invited. This study was carried out with couples aged between 35 and 65. The participators were divided into two groups, one of which was free to have sex as often as both partners wanted. At the same time the second group received the instructions as to the frequency: its members should double usual quantity of sexual intercourse. From time to time the study participants were asked the questions about their health, duration of erection, feeling about sex, and so on. As we specified above the result was not reassuring: almost all members of the second study group proved the fact that their sexual desire decreased and they got less sexual enjoyment. So, you’d better think about quality of your sexual life trying to arrange the place and applying different ideas to make the sex of high quality and refusing from increasing the number of sexual intercourse.

If ED still occurs

If you face the problems with erection, the first thing that must be done is to turn to a doctor for a consultation. Nowadays there are a lot of really efficient medications, which can be bought even online without any prescription. They do not treat the reason of erectile dysfunction but allow a patient to have sexual intercourse of high quality just during the specified time after intake of a pill. It should be understood that erectile dysfunction can be regarded as the symptom or occurs due to different health conditions, among which there are heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and others. So curing the main disease you get rid of the consequences – ED. But during the treatment period a man can take in a pill like Viagra or other alternative medication with the same effect. The difference can be in contra indications, lasting period, time of action and so on. There are also various forms of tabs like cialis soft, which is more convenient to administer.

Doing all the above a patient is highly recommended to modify life style and cope with the situation that could lead to such disappointment. It is high time to forget about smoking, alcohol abuse, fat and other flattering food. He should regulate blood sugar level and start doing exercises. It is necessary to discuss with a physician the medications, which are administered for whatever reason because some of them can provoke ED. It is clear that it can be impossible to stop the treatment but a doctor can replace them selecting something without impact on the potency.

More details about recommendations how to cure erectile dysfunction and helpful drugs you can find on website Do not lose your heart and become discouraged with this problem. Trust in professionals who can help you to find out the connection between ED and your health condition and remove the reason – and perhaps the reason is in your too frequent sexual intercourse.

Best Products To Improve Sexual Life Of Men

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