Causes of Balanitis and its Treatment


Balanitis – is skin inflammation of a prepuce and the glans penis. The causative agent of the disease is often a banal infection (streptococci, yeasts, staphylococci), or it may be a manifestation of contact dermatitis. They are sexually transmitted. Balanitis is often caused by a mixed micro flora due to violations of the rules of hygiene. The condition of this disease is poor hygiene, and the presence of a number of diseases:

  • anemia,
  • allergies,
  • diabetes,
  • vitamin deficiencies.

The causes of Balanitis

There are primary and secondary balanitis and balanoposthitis. The cause of primary balanitis may be fungal or bacterial infection that develops under the skin of the foreskin. In congenital phimosis in preputial (foreskin formed) bag can be urinary retention or smegma, which also leads to the development of inflammation. Secondary balanitis occurs as a result of contact with an existing infection in the body from the urethra – gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis and others. Development of the disease contribute to diabetes, allergies (eczema, urticaria), and other diseases, as well as poor hygiene genitals.

Lesions of the glans penis and the foreskin of the skin of non-infectious origin are manifestations of dermatoses such as lichen planus, psoriasis, pemphigus, Behcet’s disease, as well as plasma cell balanitis of Zoon, xerotica obliterans balanoposthitis, erythroplasia Keira. The reason for such a wide variety of pathological changes in the glans penis and the foreskin of the skin are not only differences of damage sources (infectious and non-agent). The skin of the glans penis and the foreskin is exposed to various adverse effects of mechanical, chemical nature, as well as the influence of a number of infectious agents.

Features of anatomical and physiological structure of the genital area, namely an unusually well-developed network of blood and lymphatic vessels, contribute to the development of severe exudative inflammation reaction in the head and skin of the penis and are one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of complications in the form of balanoposthitis phimosis and paraphimosis.

Diagnosing Balanitis

Diagnosis of balanitis and balanoposthitis is the examination and clarification of complaints. Usually this is limited unless there is suspicion of sexual infections. If there is a suspicion, the complex of analyzes is appointed. For diagnosing the inflammation of the penis head is needed typical complaints of the patient and physical examination. In order to identify the causative agent of inflammation, conducted a series of laboratory tests to scrape the skin on the glans penis and urethral discharge. Also is necessary microscopy of unstained and stained smears. The presence of one or other pathogen can be detected on the results of serological tests.

It is also important to determine the presence or absence of pathogens that cause sexually transmitted infection. Be sure to conduct a study on the blood of HIV-positive reaction, and the reaction of Wasserman (positive reaction proves the infestation of syphilis).

Treating Balanitis

Balanitis requires serious individual approach to the choice of treatment strategy. It is necessary reminded of the need of deontological ethical and professional approach, because awareness of the disease to the patient is very heavy. Principles of confidentiality in this case are of great importance. Individual therapy course picks up after the diagnostic research dermatologist or urologist. Uncomplicated early stage of the disease does not require long and extensive treatment. An important part of treatment and prevention methods is to carry out thorough and frequent washing the genitals with soap solution, as well as a variety of antiseptic solutions.

Neglected cases of the disease require appropriate “heavy artillery” in the form of a long course of antibiotics for local and general action. In chronic forms of inflammatory medications are already ineffective. Therefore, in such cases, surgery is appointed. In severe forms of the disease (eg, in the form of a circular erosive balanitis) is recommended the use of road-spectrum antibiotics. If there is a connection of a secondary infection, the doctors in his therapeutic tactics combine antibiotics with sulfa drugs. As a means of local action are appointed washing with antiseptic solutions and herbal infusions.


Sometimes treatment requires a more serious approach and the use of strong medications:

  1. Great importance in the treatment of Candida balanitis is the appointment of antifungal medications of topical or systemic action and compliance with hygienic measures.
  2. The inflammation has catarrhal character, and sometimes takes the form of erosive balanitis. Treatment of gonorrhea leads to regression of the manifestations of balanoposthitis.
  3. Treatment of anogenital warts genital includes surgical coagulation of warts with mandatory immunomodulating and antiviral treatment.
  4. There are erosive, pock ulcerous and gangrenous forms. The main distinguishing feature – the lack of regional lymphadenitis (usually). It is particularly important to distinguish in the discharge of treponemes and Vincent spirochete. Here it is necessary to appoint acidic antiseptics: oxygen water, potassium permanganate, lubrication defeats 1-2% solution of silver nitrate.

How to prevent Balanitis

Some preventive measures can help you avoid infection and further disease:

  1. Active and healthy lifestyle. Gymnastics, aimed at the development of pelvic and lumbar spine, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  2. Health genitals. Twice a day it is necessary to carry out the washing of the genitals, thoroughly cleaning the space between the foreskin and the head. Otherwise, there is accumulated grease, may join a fungus or bacteria and develop post.
  3. Daily change of underwear.
  4. Health of sexual activity. It is not necessary to lead a promiscuous sex life. Your partner must be healthy in terms of genital infections.
  5. Do not abuse the sex contacts. This leads to injuries and fractures of the penis.
  6. Stop smoking and alcohol use.
  7. The control of glucose (sugar) in the blood.

Dependence of frequency of sexual intercourse on sexual desire!

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What are the results of research?

What are the results of research?

The experiment lasted three months. It was important to make precise conclusion that is why men of different age were invited. This study was carried out with couples aged between 35 and 65. The participators were divided into two groups, one of which was free to have sex as often as both partners wanted. At the same time the second group received the instructions as to the frequency: its members should double usual quantity of sexual intercourse. From time to time the study participants were asked the questions about their health, duration of erection, feeling about sex, and so on. As we specified above the result was not reassuring: almost all members of the second study group proved the fact that their sexual desire decreased and they got less sexual enjoyment. So, you’d better think about quality of your sexual life trying to arrange the place and applying different ideas to make the sex of high quality and refusing from increasing the number of sexual intercourse.

If ED still occurs

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Doing all the above a patient is highly recommended to modify life style and cope with the situation that could lead to such disappointment. It is high time to forget about smoking, alcohol abuse, fat and other flattering food. He should regulate blood sugar level and start doing exercises. It is necessary to discuss with a physician the medications, which are administered for whatever reason because some of them can provoke ED. It is clear that it can be impossible to stop the treatment but a doctor can replace them selecting something without impact on the potency.

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Male Fertility May Suffer From Testosterone Supplements (The Research Data)

Testosterone Clinics specialised on infertile males concluded that the one who were asking for help took the testosterone boosters.

The new research declares that taking the testosterone supplements in order to increase the libido, may deprive a man of the opportunity to have a child in the future.

The study claims that males who worked on their infertility at the clinics of the US reported to have taken the testosterone boosters. In general, the amount of their sperm jumps significantly after finishing taking the hormone.

The details of the study

The study taking place in Kansas and Alabama compared the years 2005 and 2011. However, the investigators aren’t confident that testosterone supplements are responsible for male infertility nowadays and it isn’t obvious whether the nation’s infertility is influenced by taking in testosterone.

Dr. Peter Kolettis, the urology professor at Alabama University and one of the authors of the research done declares that testosterone lead to the issues when speaking of the attempts to have children. And he adds that the situation became some sort of precautionary infertility cause. It’s curious that the use of “Ts”  (testosterone supplements) is constanly increasing in the US and the researches are sure that the use of them will stay bloated as long as men will consider it the best treatment for extreme tiredness and the means for libido growth. Critics aren’t sure completely if the “Ts” are prescribed to males who don’t actually need it.

Dr. Bradley Anawalt, who works as an endocrynologist and the director of medicine services (The University of Washington Medical Centre, located in Seattle) who didn’t participate in the arrangement of the study, introduces the thoughts of males who visit doctor’s offices. After having watched plenty of advertisements, they are strongly convinced that testosterone boosters will make them skinnier and more good-looking. At the same time the boosters have a tendency to develop some side effects such as blood thrombuses and rapid growth of breast in males. Moreover, according to what the Dr. Anawalt mentioned, only few physicians inform their patients about the possibility of failing sperm production in the future.

Taking these supplements leads to the process of hindering the sperm production. The doctor also concluded that if the patient experiences troubles with fertility, he shouldn’t use testosterone boosters. But unforunately, the majority of the patients and doctors do not consider such risks.

The American Urology Association had an annual meeting that took place in San Diego on Wednesday. The study was introduced there and it’s main target was to determine how many males took the boosters when being aware of the risks that may appear later.

The medical cases of more than one thousand and five hundred men were examined. The age of males was approximately 35 years for each man. All the men underwent the therapy in the two clinics. Seven percent of men took testosterone boosters that was prescribed by their doctor. The research itself was aimed at the 34 patients who accepted to give up taking hormonal supplements.

In general, the amount of sperm returned to normal. The medium concentration of sperm in semen rose significantly (the initial point was 1.8 million per milliliter and the final one after stopping the hormonal supplements consumption was 34 million per milliliter).

The sperm amount of six men under the research didn’t return to normal. Generally such treatments don’t influence fertility negatively, and there’s no proof of their fault in males’ long-lasting infertility. Moreover, the study didn’t reveal the connection of the low sperm amount and hormonal boosters.

Anawalt concluded that in general it takes from one month to half a year for a man’s sperm count to return to the initial point. Kolettis also mentioned that there are some categories of men who have to ignore testosterone boosters. He said it was possible only in case they realized their reproductive function entirely.

The testosterone supplements has to be prescribed and it doesn’t have anything common with the boosters sold with no prescription.

The info and overall thoughts have to be worked through before their being published in medical journals.