Erectile Dysfunction

Best Products To Improve Sexual Life Of Men

If you want to improve your sex life with your man, then try to feed him well. No, we now don`t want to say that you are bad hostess. Perhaps, you just didn`t know those products that are important for male sexuality. So we have prepared this list for you.


They improve viability of sperm, their mobility and morphology. Also help get rid of erection problems.


It is rich in citrulline, which helps with erectile dysfunction, especially if it`s caused by high blood pressure. There are various processes that produce nitric oxide, and it contributes to increase in blood flow to muscle tissue, as well as male genitalia, which improves male sexual function.


High content of vitamin C in peaches increases sperm motility. This is very important if you want to conceive children.

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Young love couple in bed in her bedroom


Those men who often train, lose a lot of zinc. And if this microelement isn`t enough, then gaps with testosterone can begin. Therefore, to compensate for zinc in body, let a man eat oysters, for example. Crabs, lobsters, nuts, beans and whole grains can also help meet the need for zinc.


Studies show that berries have cardioprotective effect that maintains normal function and blood pressure in vessels, slows progression of atherosclerosis and counteracts negative effects of free radicals. Improved hormonal health is due to healthy cardiovascular system.

Leafy greens

Greens are rich in magnesium. It dilates blood vessels and has similar effect with Viagra. That is, blood flow to genitals increases, and erection improves.

Good fats

If you fill leafy salad with olive oil, for example, you can increase an effect. It also has positive effect on hormonal health of a man.

Egg yolks

Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining testosterone levels normal. It is this vitamin is very much in yolks.


Chocolate improves blood circulation, which accelerates blood flow to genitals and has positive effect on erection. Phenylethylamine in chocolate can affect serotonin and level of endorphins in brain.These are usual products that will help you increase your man’s sexual power. If you will try to eat them several times a week, you and your love will be satisfied of the effect. That is much better than taking special pills.