Main Administration Building on the Campus of Notre Dame University

University of Notre Dame in Australia

University of Notre Dame (Australia) – one of leading universities in country. Its campuses are located in cities of Sydney, Perth and Broome. Pride of this university is that learning process is built here taking into account individual characteristics of each student.

During their studies, students are provided with many opportunities to gain practical work experience. Cooperation with numerous partner companies Notre Dame allows students to work in real conditions and acquire useful connections in professional environment.

Employment rates of university graduates are among best in country. During their studies, students are provided personal assistance in building career. Forms of this assistance range from writing resume to practicing interview techniques.

University provides students with comprehensive support in form of training seminars, anonymous psychological counseling, additional study assistance. University takes care of students with disabilities and has staff of specialists in support of foreign students.

On campus of university there are many clubs and societies in which students can participate, acquiring new useful skills outside university audience. Themes of these societies are most diverse: university has society of journalism, cinema club and basketball association.

While studying at Notre Dame, students have opportunity to study abroad at one of our partner universities in continental Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, or Asia. Through these connections, students learn about other cultures while enriching their resume.

Faculties and specialties

They can be presented in such manner:

  • Faculty of Business. Thanks to extensive business internship program, graduates leave university’s walls with competent, self-confident specialists with solid background of skills necessary to succeed in current highly competitive business environment. They gain practical experience and enrich their resume with them even before they are released.

  • Faculty of Education. In accordance with its mission as leader in teacher education, Notre Dame offers full range of teacher training programs in wide range of specialties.

  • Faculty of Health. As part of the training, students do internships in hospitals, local health centers and medical laboratories. As result, graduates enter big life prepared for successful work in such areas as biomedicine, physical education and sports, health care and promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Faculty of Medicine. University’s medical faculty is distinguished by high quality teaching and research. Here doctors are trained for those areas of health care, in which problem of shortage of qualified personnel is acute. Also you will learn everything about erectile dysfunction and one of most popular drugs for treatment – Cialis (Tadalafil). Visit to learn more about Cialis in Sydney and other ED remedies.

  • Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. Faculty students undergo comprehensive clinical practice, recognized as most comprehensive in Australia. This was made possible thanks to cooperation and partnership of university with numerous medical institutions.

  • Faculty of Philosophy and Theology. Faculty trains specialists in wide range of professions, such as pedagogy, public policy, international diplomacy and advocacy. Special attention is paid to personal and spiritual development of students.

Entry Requirements

Conditions of admission to University of Notre Dame stipulate that applicant should meet minimum admission requirements for academic performance and level of English in amount necessary for active participation in development of selected program of higher education and obtaining expected educational result.

Applicant can demonstrate level of English proficiency by passing language exam or presenting document on previously completed secondary or higher education programs. For foreign students at University of Notre Dame there is a program in English. In case of successful completion of adaptation program in academic English, student is released on passing further exams in English and is considered to have fulfilled language entry requirements, unless examination is provided for by requirements of accreditation body.


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